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Hall of Fame

The Mission of the Southgate Education Hall of Fame Committee is to recognize individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the quality of education in the City of Southgate and Southgate graduates who have distinguished themselves in their profession. Selection to the Hall of Fame serves as a public thank-you to those individuals, and serves as a model for others to follow.  Candidates consist of Southgate School graduates and Friends of Southgate Schools. 


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mayor joseph g. kuspa

james skura

chuck & marilyn svaluto


  1. Southgate Anderson, Asher, Southgate High, or Schafer High School Graduates

  1. The nominee may have contributed to their chosen profession through outstanding individual performance or leadership, literary and/or professional publications, or recognized success in particular field of work.

  2. The nominee many have contributed time, effort and/or money for a project to benefit the Southgate area or the community in which they now reside without thought of compensation.

2.  Friends of Southgate Schools

  1. The nominee may have made significant contributions to the Southgate Schools educational system and/or consideration given to what they have done to benefit Southgate Students.

  2. The nominee may have served as a school board member, school administrator, teacher, other school employee, and/or volunteer.

Nominee Exclusions for the Hall of Fame

  1. Nominee cannot be a current employee of the Southgate Community Schools.

  2. Nominee cannot be currently serving as a Board of Education member.

  3. Nominee cannot be currently serving on the Southgate Education Foundation.


Applications for the Southgate Education Foundation Hall of Fame will be accepted through March 15, 2022.  All applications will be considered for five (5) review periods. If the nomination is not approved after that period, a new nomination form must be submitted.  


Please request nomination forms from the Southgate Board of Education: Attn:  SEF 14600 Dix Toledo Rd, Southgate, MI, 48195

Selection Committee

  • The selection committee will be monitored by the Southgate Education Foundation Board.

  • The committee will consist of six members:  two Southgate Community School employees appointed by the superintendent and four Southgate Education Foundation members.  

  • Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m., on March 15 of the year they are to be considered.  

  • The inductees will be announced at the Foundation's annual Signature event or other event as determined by the committee.

  • A plaque will be placed in Southgate Anderson High School to recognize the inductees.

  • Nominees will be considered for five years.  Candidates removed after the five year period may be re-nominated at any time.  

  • If a Hall of Fame nominee is immediate family of a Selection Committee member, that committee member will abstain from voting for that candidate.

Nomination Form