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Education Foundation

The Southgate Education Foundation (SEF) was formed exclusively to enhance educational opportunities for the students in the Southgate School District.  Our mission is to build partnerships between the community and public education that enhance educational excellence by providing independent funding for innovative and enriching programs.  The SEF is a tax-exempt charitable organization (501c3 #83-17-17473).

This foundation offers our community and local businesses an opportunity to come together and contribute to education and strengthen the future of the Southgate School District.

The SEF will:

  • Enrich our public school curriculum with programs and activities that provide diverse learning experiences to our students and challenge them to reach well beyond their abilities.

  • Foster a culture of excellence in the District with the unique and creative opportunities available to staff through classroom and program grants.

  • Give our teachers the opportunity to bring dynamic learning to the classroom.

  • Provide student scholarships.

  • Provide numerous opportunities to recognize your support.

Committee Members

Michelle Bensfield April Schuck
Lisa Fast Beth Hinzmann
Sharon Irvine Jessica Richards
Jacki McKay