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Program Goals

The goals of the Early/Middle College program are:

  • Increase the number of students enrolling in college

  • Provide students with an opaportunity to engage in the college experience in a supportive setting

  • Reduce the financial burden on families

  • Increase student opportunities based on interests, talents, and abilities

  • Expand the traditional view of high school

Program Goals:

  • Students begin college early with supports that help them succeed while still meeting the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum required for a Michigan high school diploma

  • Provide FREE tuition, books, fees, and supplies to SCSD eligible students

  • Students are on a faster pace to earn associate and/or bachelor’s degrees by earning two years of transferable credit

  • Students will likely need to spend only two years at their own expense to earn a bachelor’s degree

  • Students transition to college gradually

  • Students can see the connection between their studies and their career goals