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Tech Support

Manage Your Tech Support Tickets

Clicking the above link will take you to our ticketing platform (Request Tracker) to check the status of your support tickets. You can also submit a new support ticket via email, by sending a message to with a concise summary in the subject line, and as much detail in the email body as possible.

Tip: Screen shots of error messages are often very helpful in analyzing issues. On a Mac, you can take a screen shot using the three keys "Command (⌘) + Shift + 4", then dragging a box around the screen area you wish to capture. The screen shot will be saved on your desktop and can easily be attached to your email.


Self Service is an App present on all district iMacs and nearly all iPads that allows you to install curated software based on your current needs. While all stations have common applications like Google Chrome, Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader pre-installed, you may find some of the software in Self Service useful to your specific class goal or interests. You can also request software that you would like to have available, and we will add it to the catalog.

Here is a small preview of the types of programs you can find in Self Service:

  • Audacity - Free audio recording & editing software. Found in the Misc. Software category.
  • ExamView Test Generator - Create & edit quiz banks for tests. Found in the ExamView category. A legacy test bank catalog is also available.
  • TextWrangler - A lightweight text and code editor with syntax highlighting. Found in the Misc. Software category.


Over the summer of 2016, we deployed a new, cohesive WiFi infrastructure across the Southgate Community School District. It covers all managed buildings and is split into three categories, identified by the following SSIDs (their WiFi names).

Southgate Schools - Guest

A guest network that anyone can use without requiring a username or password, intended mainly for visitors who do not have a Southgate Schools computer account. There are speed regulations placed on this network; it also cannot communicate with copiers / printers in the building for security reasons. Content may be blocked or filtered.

Southgate Schools - Internal

This network is reserved for iMacs, Macbooks and Chromebooks owned by the district and has to be configured by a member of the Technology staff. If you are utilizing a district-issued laptop, Chromebook or iPad, you should only be connected to this network to avoid performance and filtering issues.

Should this not be the case, please contact us and we will get you set up!

Phone Cheat Sheets

The sheets below include information on common District phone operations, such as:

  • Accessing voice mails
  • Changing your existing PIN
  • Transferring calls

If you need to reset your voice mail PIN, please contact us with your name and extension.

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