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Programs & Services

School Psychologist

School Psychologists administer psychological and educational tests, and other assessment procedures to determine a student’s eligibility for special education services. They consult with other staff members in planning school programs to meet the special educational needs of children. In addition, school psychologists assist in developing academic and behavioral strategies for students.


Social Work

Social Workers in special education work with students who struggle with behavioral, emotional, and developmental disabilities. This involves working closely with family, teachers, and others in the community, to help ensure the students adjustment and learning. Social Workers assist in developing positive behavioral interventions to help at home and at school.


Teacher Consultant

Teacher consultants (TC) are teachers who are trained to work with students with a variety of handicaps. They may work directly with students who are eligible for special education services. Teacher Consultants also consult with special and general education teachers or work in a prevention capacity by conducting Child Study Meetings with parents and staff to evaluate students who are suspected of having a handicap. Many teacher consultants also have a specific area of expertise such as autism, hearing, vision, or physical impairments. In addition, Teacher Consultants coordinate Individualized Education Plan meetings, as well as Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team meetings, to meet state compliance guidelines.


Resource Room Teachers

Resource room teachers are trained as classroom teachers with a specialty in working with students with handicaps. The resource room teacher works with students with a variety of disabilities in the resource room. The students are seen in the resource room for remedial academic instruction in the area (s) in which the student qualifies for services. In some instances, the child may be eligible for services due to significant emotional-behavioral problems, a hearing, vision, a motor impairment, or autism.  The resource room teacher works with a variety of small groups of students throughout the school day. At the secondary level, resource room teachers may also team-teach in a general education classroom and work with a variety of students who require assistance.


Paraprofessionals (Aides) in the Classroom

Classroom aides may perform a variety of duties including classroom wide assistance or one-on-one support for children with severe disabilities. Some of the ways classroom aides may help the classroom teachers are by: 1) providing small group instruction, 2) monitoring school-home links through maintenance of assignment books, 3) implementing classroom wide or individual behavior management programs, 4) helping student’s develop independent work habits.



A student who reaches age 16 is considered a ‘transition aged youth’ who is entitled to have transition-related needs assessed and addressed in their IEP. The services and supports that help students achieve their adult-life vision are collectively called ‘Transition Services’. The Transition Plan is a vital part of the IEP and encompasses services and activities related to a student’s post-secondary goals, present level of academic achievement and functional performance. These areas include: instruction, related services, community experiences, development of employment, other post-school adult living objectives, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation, when appropriate.


Work Study

Work Study is a class offered to junior and senior high school students who have established part-time employment. This employment must match the student’s career pathway. Students can review their top two career pathways on the Anderson High School, Career Cruising website or they may ask their counselor. The majority of the class requirements are fulfilled at the student’s place of employment.


Additional Services

  • Occupational/Physical Therapy: Coordination with Taylor School District
  • Hearing Impaired Consultation Services: Coordination with Trenton School District
  • Vision Impaired Consultation Services: Coordination with Lincoln Park School District
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultation Services: Coordination with Lincoln Park School District.