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1. Good Friend Behavior / Not-a-Friend Behavior Charts

2. Steps to Independence Behavior Chart

3. ADD - Characteristics / Strategies

4. Accommodations / Modifications

5. Samples: Behavior Signs

6. Social Stories:
Social Stories can be a written or visual guide describing various desirable social interactions, situations, behaviors or skills. Social Stories or written procedures are often more effective than oral language with students on the Autism Spectrum.

Part 1

  • Walking In Line
  • Recess
  • Having A Substitute Teacher
  • Getting Ready To Work


Part 2

  • Circle Time
  • Ben 10 Waits For His Turn
  • Ben 10 Does All His Work
  • What Should I Do When The Teacher Calls Me To Her Table?
  • Saying "Hi"


Part 3

  • Personal Space/Touching
  • When I Go... (Mainstreaming)
  • Taking 5

Part 4

  • Let's Get Ready To Work
  • Eyes On
  • Mario Blows His Nose


Part 5

  • I Am A Respectful Person
  • Procedure For Math
  • Procedure For Going Home
  • Procedure For Speech
  • Procedure For Recess

Part 6

  • Procedure For Lunch
  • Procedure For Handwriting
  • Procedure For Carpet Time
  • Procedure For Group Work
  • Procedure For Library Time
  • Procedure For Bathroom Break
  • Procedure For Morning Work
  • Procedure For Entering The Classroom

7. Break Procedures

a. Break Procedure Flowchart

b. Break Procedure Steps

c. Break Picture Cards

d. Island Time Break System

8. Positive Reinforcement Activities

a. Survey and Reinforcement Examples

b. 1. Behavior Chart Samples
2. Behavior Chart Samples

c. Snake Race

9. Caught You Being Good!