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Coursework Beyond BA/MA

Teaching Staff
Requesting Compensation for College Hours Earned

In order to participate in the remuneration for additional college preparation, a teacher must have earned credits in specialized graduate courses relevant to his/her area of instruction or be pursuing a planned course of study at a college or university accredited for teacher education.  The credits must have been earned in a 500 level (or equivalent) or higher.

Submit an official transcript or official grade report to Human Resources.  Credit hours submitted by October 31 will earn 100% of the contracted amount.  Credits submitted between November 1 and April 30 shall earn 50% of the contracted amount for that school year, and 100% for the subsequent years.  Said adjustments shall be retroactive to the first pay period of said semester.

In addition, upon completion of a Master's Degree, an official transcript with your Master's Degree posted must be received by Human Resources in accordance with the same dates mentioned above.  An official letter from the university in which you have earned your degree, stating that you have met all the requirements to be awarded your Master's Degree, will initially be accepted for remuneration.  However; following the letter, as soon as your Master's Degree has been posted, an official transcript must be turned in to HR.

For additional information, please refer to your Teacher Contract.