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Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace


Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace


Awareness and Information

All employees have been provided voluntary access to the SafeSchools tutorial titled “Drug Free Workplace”.  This is a 22 minutes course designed to provide employees with an understanding of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.  This course follows the Drug Free Workplace Act, helping employees to recognize the signs of substance abuse and addiction, and to know their role in fighting substance abuse on the Job.  This is available at:

Your username is the same as used for required SafeSchools training: the beginning of your Southgate email (before the @ symbol).


Related Board Policy

The Board of Education has implemented specific policy language covering this topic, titled “Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace” as the first item listed under Board Policy 4003 Conditions of Employment.



For employees who need it, available assistance varies based on which health care provider you have.

Priority Health

Total Health Care

Anyone wishing to request confidential assistance with any of the benefits above may contact our Benefits Coordinator, Shannon MacLeod, at or (734) 246-4600 x6200.