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District Transportation

Southgate Community Schools is excited about offering general transportation.  Transportation eligibility for all students is set at a half mile from the school assigned to the student. Students who attend schools other than their locally assigned school will not be eligible for transportation except by special approval.  All SOC and resident students may be picked up and dropped off at an alternate, resident Southgate address by contacting Dean Transportation.  Transportation for students, grades K-12 will be at assigned stops.  Transportation for GSRP and Young 5 students will be at the address of the student or within the immediate area.  

                                             Transportation Eligibility Maps                         Register for 2024-2025 Transportation

Transportation routes are permanent routes that may use different drivers or buses over the course of the year.  For this reason, elementary bus routes will be identified by an animal.  Elementary students will learn to identify their bus route by animal.  This animal will be displayed on buses below or near the bus number.

Effective at the start of 2023-2024, Southgate resident students living north of Northline and east of Dix-Toledo will have transportation available to Shelters and to Grogan elementary schools.

Dean Transportation Contact Information:  (734) 363-6752

  • If your child is scheduled for transportation in the afternoons, and you have a family situation that requires you to pick up your child instead, you must call the school office no later than 30 minutes before school is dismissed to ensure that your child is held from the bus.  
  • Only eligible riders may use transportation and riders will only be dropped off at their assigned stops.  For safety reasons, we are not able to allow students to be dropped off at a friend's stop or ride the bus home with a friend.
  • Preschool, Young 5, and Kindergarten students must have a parent present to be dropped off.  If no parent is present, the child will be returned to the school for parent pick up. Parents will be charged latch-key rates for care.  Repeated violations of this rule may result in the loss of transportation privileges. Siblings who are in fourth grade or older may receive the student in place of the parent if an approved waiver is on file.

      Sibling drop-off waiver

Bus Rules and Disciplinary Procedures

       Student Rules  Elementary Disciplinary procedures       

Middle School and High School Disciplinary Procedures