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2020 School Bond Proposal


Thank you to our community for the passage of the bond. Each day at Southgate Community Schools, nearly 3,500 students walk through the doors of our buildings. We understand that the WHOLE CHILD shows up to learn, meaning their education is just as important to us as the many aspects that make up who they are as individuals and what they need to find success. Part of our decision to propose a bond program to the community was to address educational experience equity.

It’s important that the students in our district remain competitive as they move through their educational journeys, including their time after they graduate from Southgate Community Schools. As local school districts continue to carry out bond programs, enriching the educational experience of their students, our proposed bond would help Southgate Community Schools students keep pace with their peers and prepare them for lifelong learning

To learn more, contact Superintendent, Sharon Irvine (734) 246-4600.

Southgate Community Schools 2020 School Bond Proposal Brochure

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