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                             October Notes

The first month of school is already behind us, and we are off to a great start!!! As we continue to assess skills, your child is in the process of learning the classroom routine, by following a visual picture schedule and learning how to participate in larger group activities as well. It's a BIG change for many of them.

We have some exciting things to look forward to this month!!! We will continue to work on the identification and recognition of colors and shapes. In order to help us along, we will be focusing on a shape each month, and a color during certain weeks.

This month our Shape will be a CIRCLE and our colors RED and ORANGE. (perfect for the month of October with the changing colors and pumpkins). Please be sure to talk about these things with your child at every opportunity.

We will also begin to incorporate letter and letter sound identification and recognition activities. We will us the Zoo Phonics Reading Program to introduce letters and their sounds, and the students will meet each of the letter characters. We have already started to explore the lines and curves used to make letters, using the Handwriting Without Tears Program, and this month we will focus on The MAT MAN song to reinforce letter lines and body parts!!

Themes and units for this month will include: Halloween, Body Parts, and the stories "Where the Wild Things Are" and  "Go Away Big Green Monster".

Our Field trip to the Erie Orchard was hot, but it was a success! Thank you very much to those of you that were able to join us. Picture were sent out on Shutterfly. If you did not get the notification, please let us know:)

We are going to the Southgate Fire Station Monday Oct 9th.  We will meet there at 10:00. 14730 Reaume Pkwy Civic Circle.

The Fire Department does a fantastic job of giving us a tour each year. We get to tour the station, meet the the Fire fighters and see the trucks and station!!

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, so we will be celebrating on that day.  The morning and afternoon classes will both come in for a special class / party on Tuesday Oct. 31st.  There will be no busing on this day. Parents/ Grandparents/ siblings are welcome to join us!! Please make sure that you have filled out a criminal background form for anyone planning on attending.  You may dress your child in a Halloween costume before you arrive. I will send home a more detailed note, with class numbers, the day's activities and the times soon! I know some of you have more than one party and little one to attend to that day!! Conferences will be held on Thursday Oct. 19th. Please send back the preference sheet, and I will do my best to put your child's conference in that time slot. Please note that Friday October 20th is a p.m. class in the morning. There is no school that day for morning students. We will continue to send home  Shutterfly notifications Thank you,

Mrs. Ritchie & Ms. Dar



Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!!
    We are very excited to begin another school year at Allen Elementary. We will be using a daily check sheet for communication this year. It will be sent home daily, and will include a small section for any comments that we have. Please feel free to respond on the back of the paper and send it back to us as well. I know that the beginning of the year can be hectic and a quick note can be helpful, especially for our newcomers.  I also strongly recommend that you check the website regularly, and the Shutterfly emails!. All of the monthly letters and event notices will be posted on the Web Site, and the Calendar updates and pictures will be sent through Shutterfly. 
If you have not yet received a Shutterfly email with a reminder for the Open House, please let us know. Throughout the year there will be plenty of pictures for you to look at and print if you'd like!!! Reminders for trips and events will come through Shutterfly as well.

Looking Ahead

Throughout September we will be working on an "All About Me" unit as well as assessing cognitive, academic, and other developmental skills. Our main goal at this time, however, is to allow the children to become comfortable with school routines and meeting new people. It is an important process, and we will achieve these goals through exploration and PLAY!!! In the future, monthly notes will include books of focus (ex. Brown Bear, Brown Bear in September) themes, letters, and other specific skills we will be working on as a group.
The monthly letters and as well as other information will be available on my teacher website.  

We are looking forward to a new and fantastic year.
Thank you,
Mrs. Ritchie & Ms. Dar