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Guard Information and Announcements

Hello All,


Monday, May 14th 6pm Anderson Band Room, Meet the Staff and go over the Spring, Summer and Fall Calendar.


As you all know well by now, we have made a few changes and additions in the Guard Staff.  If you don't know by now, Dominique and Myself will also still be here. I have heard many different opinions and concerns about the new situation and I want to ease your mind. I guarantee that NO ONE has anything to worry about. We have worked very hard to make sure that the members and the program itself will stay solid and competitive. As a staff we feel very confident and comfortable that we can only get better and more proficient from here. The team that we have assembled to teach here, will rival anyone in Michigan and I know that we will have a great amount of fun this season and in the future as well.


In case you were not at our earlier meeting, here is the information you missed:


Dominique is the Colorguard Caption Head. She will be at every rehearsal teaching, coordinating, choregraphing and administrating. If you have any questions or concerns about the Colorguard she is the one to contact.


Bryan Sutton - Original Cast Member of BLAST!, Currently teaches at Walled Lake Central who was a Scholastic Open World Finalist this past year and also a Scholastic A Semi-Finalist. Bryan will be the main Choreographer for the Fall Season, which means he will come up with the Flag, Rifle and Sabre work that the members will perform.


Mike Novak - Currently the Director at Walled Lake Central who was a Scholastic Open World Finalist this past year and also a Scholastic A Semi-Finalist. He has performed with MANY groups including Northern Lights and has many WGI Medals. Mike will head up our Training program. He will help us with conditioning and training on Flag, Rifle and Sabre.


Jessie Weldon - Current Movement Tech for both Ancora and Onyx. Jessie also has 2 WGI Gold Medal's from performing and instructing Onyx.  Jessie will also help us with conditioning and help choreograph the movement portion of our program while still helping with equipment.


Devin Bruen - Current member of Interplay. Devin has helped with many camps and many schools and will be here helping in every capacity. She is a terrific performer and will bring a lot of knowledge and experience to our program.


I hope you realize that there is much more to these new instructors than I have said in one sentence each, but I also hope you can see that we are very lucky to have such an effective, experienced and successful staff. Clearly things will be handled, taught and rehearsed different than in the past but I can tell you one thing, the face of Southgate will not change. We have built a machine and now with the new parts of this machine we will run a lot smoother and more efficient. I have no doubt that every member and parent will feel a sense of relief once the season is up and running but please trust and have faith that we are taking care of this program. Mr. Abend, Dominique and myself all have taken a lot of time and thought and know the standard we want to uphold and in which ways we want and need to grow. Believe me, the main goal is till to have a great amount of fun in what we do and I think you all know me well enough that will still happen. :)


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Looking forward to seeing you all Monday, May 14th!