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BESSS Report of Extra Credits


Address/Name Change

Please download, complete and send form to the Human Resources Department. 

For name changes only, you must submit your new social security card with your new name, or your Marriage Certificate to HR.  Please note that until this is done, you may not use your new name on PowerSchool class lists,  building lists, etc., as we must have your legal name on file at Central Office.

Change of Address and/or Name Form


You will also want to change your information with the Office of Retirement Services.  Please download form and send directly to the ORS.,1607,7-206-36531---,00.html#ActiveMemberForms/r357x_15900_7-3.pdf(1page)


Application Packet

Please carefully read all instructions

Install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader

to avoid problems downloading the forms below

The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information or any other legally protected category, (collectively, "Protected Classes"), in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.

ALL New Employees:

Download and complete the following: 

Application Packet

Michigan W4

Federal W4

New Hire Reporting Form

Direct Deposit Form

Click on Disclosure of Information  for additional forms, if needed.

ALL new employee's must read, know and understand the following.  If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our office.

Attendance Procedures

In addition, download and complete all paperwork below that pertains to your position.

Newly Hired "Teachers" only:

Please download and complete the Highly Qualified Form below that corresponds with your job title:

Highly Qualified "Middle School" Teacher

Highly Qualified "Secondary" Teacher

Highly Qualified "Secondary Special Education" Teacher

If you have been hired for one of the following positions,

  • Special Education Teacher or Paraprofessional

  • Lab Setting Teacher (Art, Science, Industrial Arts) - including Elementary

  • PE teacher

  • Principal that provides First Aid

  • Secretary (Administrative Assistant) that provides First Aid

  • Pre-School Staff

  • Asher - Pre-School/Childcare

you must:

When all paperwork has been completed, please contact Geri Shivel, Administrative Assistant to Human Resources by email or phone to set up an appointment to submit your paperwork.  Additional information regarding your employment will be given to you at that time.

Geri Shivel
Phone:  734-246-4600, Ext. 6229


You will be required to present, in person,  two pieces of  identification such as; a social security card and driver's license (originals only, no copies).


Assignment Change Forms

Please click on and complete the appropriate form below for:  New Courses, Assignment, Grade Level and Building Changes, as well as, changes in number of classes taught.


Band Application Packet


Criminal Conviction Reporting





"School Safety” legislation (2005 PA 129-131 and 138) enacted into law has an impact on your

employment with the school/district. Cited below are the key provisions of this law and how

it will affect you personally.

Criminal history checks conducted by the MSP are sent to the Michigan Department of

Education identifying all school employees with a recorded criminal conviction. The

Department in turn provides the names of individuals convicted of a crime to the district

superintendent and school board of the employing district. The report includes convictions

for any crime, misdemeanor or felony. If you have been convicted of a non-listed felony, the

district superintendent and the school board are required, by law, to agree in writing to

continue your employment with the district/school. If you have been convicted of an offense

that requires you to register your name on the sex offender registry, your employment will be

terminated and you will not be allowed employment (in any capacity) in a Michigan K-12

School, public or non-public.

This law also requires you, as an employee of the district/school to self-report to your

employer AND the Michigan Department of Education when you have been

arraigned/charged with certain identified crimes. You must do so within (3) three business

days of arraignment, or you will be guilty of an additional crime. The crimes are listed in

MCL 380.1535a.

The "Arraignment Disclosure Form”, "Listed Offenses”, "Enumerated Misdemeanor

Convictions Required Disclosure”, and "Required Disclosure and Immediate Suspension of

Certificate Upon Conviction” documents are available to download below.

If you have further questions or concerns, you may wish to view additional information

available at the following website:,1607,7-140-6530_5683_39798---,00.html.

You can also contactStephanie Whiteside, Coordinating Specialist, Office of Professional Preparation Services at 517.335.1167, or email You may also contact me at 734.246.4600 or email



CRC Volunteer and Chaperone


EduStaff Forms


Employee Recognition


Highly Qualified Forms

In the event that you have a change in your teaching assignment, you must select, complete and submit the appropriate Highly Qualified form below to the Human Resources Department.  This form must be maintained in Human Resources. 

Highly Qualified "Middle School" Teacher

Highly Qualified "Secondary" Teacher

Highly Qualified "Secondary Special Education" Teacher

If you have questions in reference to completing the HQ form, please direct them to your building administrator.  If you need further assistance, please contact Human Resources.


Job Posting Request

Please click on the following link and submit to Human Resources:

Job Posting Request Form


Leave of Absence Agreement


Pre-Employment Reference Check


Recommendation to Hire



To be submitted to the Human Resources Department when an employee separates from the district:

Employee Separation


Transfer Request

UTS Members requesting transfers, must complete and submit the following form prior to April 1 of each school year.

Transfer Request Form