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Student Handbook

Parents and students can access current grades and attendance in MISTAR.  
Parents and students can also access progress reports and report cards in MISTAR.
Questions?  Please contact and advisor.
Asher Time Schedule
1Monday-Thursday8:45 AM9:40 AM
2Monday-Thursday9:42 AM10:37 AM
LunchMonday-Thursday10:37 AM11:12 AM
3Monday-Thursday11:12 AM12:07 PM
4Monday-Thursday12:09 PM1:04 PM
5Monday-Thursday1:14 PM2:09 PM
6Monday-Thursday2:11 PM3:06 PM
7Monday-Thursday3:16 PM4:11 PM
8Monday-Thursday4:13 PM5:08 PM
1Friday8:45 AM10:35 AM
LunchFriday10:35 AM11:10 AM
2Friday11:10 AM1:00 PM
3Friday1:10 PM3:00 PM
PMMonday5:40 PM9:25 PM
PMTuesday5:40 PM9:25 PM
PMWednesday5:40 PM9:25 PM
PMThursday5:40 PM9:25 PM

Asher Half Day Time Schedule (mini)
1Monday-Thursday8:45 AM9:06 AM
2Monday-Thursday9:08 AM9:29 AM
3Monday-Thursday9:31 AM9:52 AM
4Monday-Thursday9:54 AM10:15 AM
5Monday-Thursday10:17 AM10:38 AM
6Monday-Thursday10:40 AM11:01 AM
7Monday-Thursday11:11 AM11:32 AM
8Monday-Thursday11:34 AM11:55 AM