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Officers & Contact Information

Band Booster Officers


Robert Abend

Director, Anderson High School


Toby Kmet

Director, Grogan Middle School


President, Lee Ann Mulligan

Vice President, Crissy Miron

Treasurer, Juli Kerr

Secretary, Tammee Iverson

Trustee, Roxanne Adkins

Trustee, David Spahn

Trustee, Debbie Merchant


Fundraising- Chairpersons Crissy Miron

Bingo - Chairperson(s) Juli Kerr. Crissy Miron

Scrip Mark Smith 734-282-7543

Scrip Juli Kerr 734-225-1671

Student credit -Tammee Iverson (734) 285-4712

Volunteer Coordinator - Michelle Leach (734) 286-1088

Webmaster - Jeremy Leach (734) 363-3823


Band Boosters - Constitution












The name of this association shall be the SOUTHGATE BAND BOOSTERS a non-profit association. (amended 4/2010)




The purpose of this association shall be:


1. To promote and support the Southgate Community School District Band Program.


2. To give them moral as well as financial support.


3. To organize and help carry out various fund raising projects.


ARTICLE 3 MEMBERSHIP (amended 09/09 and 4/2010)


1. Membership shall be made up of parents and/or legal guardians of current band members, current band members, band alumni, parents and/or guardians of band alumni, or any other person eighteen (18) years of age or older interested in helping our association to reach its goals.


2. Voting membership shall include parents and/or guardians, not to exceed two (2) votes per family, of current band members who are in good standing, i.e. up-to-date in payments, payment arrangements, no bounced checks, uniform kept u/turned in, paperwork complete, etc. Current band members shall be defined as any child in grades 6 through 12 enrolled in a band class, active in marching band, jazz band, symphonic band, concert band, drum line, winter drum line, winter guard, and/or color guard. If a member feels they have been unduly excluded from voting, he/she is allowed to plead his/her case to the Board by the December monthly board meeting.


3. Non-voting members are to include all other members.


ARTICLE 4 OFFICERS (amended 10/09)


1. The officers of this association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. To qualify for one of these Executive Officer positions, a candidate shall be an eligible voting member in accordance with Article 3, Section 2 and Article 6, Section 4 and have attended the majority of the booster meetings in the calendar year that they wish to run for office. To qualify for the office President or Vice-President, the candidate shall also have been an active member of the association for two years or on the Board for one year.


2. There shall also be up to three (3) trustees on the Executive Board. To qualify for a trustee position, a candidate shall be an eligible voting member in accordance with Article 3, Section 2 and Article 6, Section 4.


3. The Offices of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and the three (3) trustees shall be defined as the voting members of the Executive Board with the President voting only when necessary to break a tie. Band Directors are to be non-voting members of the Executive Board.


4. No two members of the same family shall hold a position of the Executive Board. (Immediate – Family consists of Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, Spouses, Sons, and/or Daughters.)


5. Executive Board Meetings are closed meetings. Only invited guests shall be allowed to attend.




1. The President shall preside at all general booster meetings of the association and the Executive Board. He/She shall perform the duties as required by the association. The President shall designate chairpersons for non-fundraising committees, i.e. pit crew, chaperones, volunteer, publicity etc.


2. The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President when the latter is absent. He/She shall oversee all fundraising, i.e. get fundraisers approved through the proper channels, designate chairpersons for fundraisers and fundraising events, etc. The Vice-President shall take over or designate a trustee or other booster member to take over a chairperson position in the event the chairperson is unable to fulfill his/her duties.


3. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the association and the Executive Board. The secretary is to receive and file all formal reports of officers, and conduct all official correspondence; this includes reading the letters of directors and any other pertinent correspondence during meetings. All correspondence pertinent to this association’s members, board, and directors, barring confidential documents, shall be kept by the secretary. The Secretary shall keep an attendance record of all meetings and have that available to the membership at each monthly booster meeting.


4. The Treasurer shall:

A. Have charge of the financial affairs of the association.

B. Receive, disburse and keep an accurate account of all monies of the association, depositing them within 30 days in the name of the association.

C. Make a payment only within the guideline of the approved budget.

D. Create a monthly budget report of all income and expenditures. These reports shall be presented at each regular monthly meeting unless voted by the majority of members to postpone a report for no more than one month.


5.  The Trustees shall:

A. Assist the Executive Board Officers with duties.

B. Perform tasks as designated by said officers.

C. Chair at least one committee.

D. One trustee shall be assigned the task of Sergeant at Arms of the association to keep order and to enforce the rules and regulations during meetings.


6. The Executive Board has the right to approve the distribution of funds that constitutes an emergency. "Emergency is defined as an expense that was not outlined in the yearly budget of the Band Directors and needs to occur before the next monthly meeting of the membership.”




1. Members of this association must obtain and renew a yearly membership card. Yearly membership is $1.00 per member. Membership year is September 1 – August 31.


2. Members should attend meetings and volunteer as regular as possible.


3. Members should volunteer to be on a standing committee as listed in the By-Laws as an active member or even as a Chairperson, and should facilitate all fundraising activities.


4. Voting members as defined in Article 3 must have a current membership to be eligible to vote.


5. Any voting member, in compliance with voting eligibility and Executive Board requirements for that position as stated in Article 4, is eligible to hold an executive office or trustee position.




1. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended or changed by a 2/3 vote at any regular business meeting provided notices of the proposed change or amendment has been given in the previous meeting or in notification sent to all members two weeks before the meeting.


2. Any amendment upon being properly ratified shall be declared to be in effect at once.


ARTICLE 8 DISSOLUTION (added 4/2010)


1. This association shall not be dissolved as long as five (5) members desire its continuance. In case of dissolution, all possessions of the associations shall revert to the Southgate School District.




Band Booster By-Laws














1. Business meetings shall be held every month (Sept. – May) on the second (2) Wednesday of each month.

2. Special meetings may be called or regular meetings cancelled by the Executive Board.

3. Fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting.


1. These Committees shall have standing chairperson: Memberships; Candy Sale, Publicity, Band-A-Rama, Spaghetti Dinner, Uniforms, Alumni, Pit Crew, Instrument Committee, and any other special projects chairperson.

2. Chairman may volunteer and will be approved by the Executive Board.


1. The nomination committee consisting of 3 members shall be appointed by the President in the September meeting.

2. For each office to be filled that year, the committee is to nominate at least one candidate who has previously indicated their willingness to serve. The candidate will be present at the October and November meetings. Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor at the October or November meetings. Nominations will be closed at the November meeting.

3. Election of officers shall be held in the December meeting by Ballot. The nomination

committee is to conduct the election. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes

shall be declared elected to that office.

4. Absentee ballots will be accepted at the beginning of the election providing absentee voter is eligible to vote ballot is received by a member of nomination committee prior to December meeting, and is in a sealed envelope with voter’s signature across the seal. Absentee votes shall be counted at the same time as regular votes. Absentee ballots shall be made available by nomination committee and be given out only by this committee between close of nominations and December meeting. Absentee ballot must be turned in to nomination committee by the absentee voter themselves, not a third party.


  1. An Auditing Committee of one (1) certified outside, or three (3) qualified inside members shall be appointed by the President at the November meeting. The committee shall examine the books of the Treasurer annually and report its findings at the February meeting.








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1. The term of office shall be one (1) year beginning January 1st.

2. If a vacancy occurs in an office, the Executive Board shall make the appointment to fill the vacancy. The appointment to be ratified by this organization at it’s next meeting.


1. Call the meeting to order

2. Secretary’s Report

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Old Business

5. New Business

6. Director’s Report

7. Adjournment – Refreshments


1. A Finance Committee shall consist of the Executive Board, and Band Directors. Duties shall be to prepare a budget for the January 1st to December 31st year, to be recommended at the January meeting with a membership approval vote taken at the January meeting.


1. Student credit shall be any portion of a fundraiser banked for a specific band member for future use.

2. This credit may be used for that specific band member’s "allowable” expenses. An allowable expense would be an acceptable expense as voted upon by the band booster’s organization. (previously accepted Student Credit Motions: Motion 5/01: be allowed to compensate for color guard shoes, gloves and materials needed for their dress. Motion 10/02: Band trips, band camp, instrument purchase or repair, music lessons, band shoes, camp polo shirts, band hoodies and/or jackets, or any other required or special materials needed for their dress with a minimum amount of $15.00. Student credit can not be used for uniform deposits. The board recommends that this change become effective January, 2003. Motion: 10/09 be allowed to compensate for yearly portrait packages sponsored by the band boosters, personal ads in the B-A-R program (no business, no patron) with a minimum of $25, Senior/parent apparel on order form).

3. Credit may be transferred only to brothers or sisters.

4. Unused credit will be considered donated to the boosters in the following situations:

a. If not used or given to a sibling by graduation.

b. If not used or given to a sibling within one year of withdrawing from the band program.

Unused credit will be deposited in the general fund for the use and benefit of all band



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5. All Credit earned or used must be reported to the credit chairperson monthly.

6. Credit chairperson will keep track of each students credit and report these figures to the

treasurer and director monthly.





MAY, 1982

MAY, 1987

APRIL, 1994

MARCH, 2000




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