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Adult Basic Education

This program is designed for students who want to improve their basic reading, writing, spelling, and math skills.  Morning and evening classes are available.

ABE/ESL READING LAB - This class offers individualized learning designed to provide rapid improvement for those with little or no reading skills. Begin with basic reading strategies utilizing phonics, syllable breaking, and sight words.  Move to reading sentences and paragraphs, spelling and pronunciation, sentence writing and paragraph development.  Students will benefit from one-on-one reading practice with a teacher and tutors.  (1 elective credit)

FUNDAMENTAL MATH - This class is recommended for students who have difficulty with basic math concepts (TABE score less than 5.0): whole numbers, decimals or fractions.  (½ elective credit)

READING STRATEGIES I/II – This class is for those having difficulty reading basic material.  A variety of instruction is used to help you learn to read, write, and spell through letter sounds and word families.  A variety of strategies are used to improve comprehension of fiction and non-fiction selections.  (½ elective credit)

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