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Welcome to the STA Marching Band Band Camp Information Center



Here you will find all your Information and Update son the 2011 Marhcing Band Season. Check back Often as the Season draws closer. Information will change Frequently.


********** IMPORTANT UPDATE **********

Parents and student:

Band Camp is fast approaching and it is very important that we make sure all of our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed. In order for you student to attend band camp.  So here are some things that you need to check with me.


1.       Is all of your students paperwork complete?  (50% of you may not be) August 1st is the deadline for this.

2.       Is a copy of your students insurance card turned in?  if you do not have insurance have you let me know this?

3.       If your student is being brought home from camp by somebody other than yourself / have you turned in a note to me letting me know that this is a must. (now we do understand that circumstances may change with this so notes the day of check will be accepted.)

4.      Have you made arrangements for your student to get to camp?  / Absolutely no student are allowed to drive themselves

5.      Have you meet the financial deadlines that were agreed upon for camp?  (again there is a percentage that have not)


Please understand that AUGUST 1ST, 2011 (If you are not sure if any of these apply to you please email back and I will send a response.

I will be home after 7 on Monday for any parent/student that would like to stop by to complete any of the above task. 







Marching Band Recruitment Letter (PDF Format)

2011 Band Camp Application (PDF format)


If you are unable to view the above PDF's, please email The webmaster at I will be more then happy to provide you with a free PDf viewer. Or follow the link below and download it.