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Reading Aloud
"I always stumble because I read too fast."  "I'm afraid my child won't listen to me."  "I was laughed at when I read aloud at school."
Do you have worries like these when you read aloud?  You're not alone.  Many parents avoid reading aloud to their kids.  However, reading aloud is one of the best ways to help your younster succeed in school.  Keep these tips in mind:
Everybody makes mistakes.  If you make mistakes when reading aloud, your child will learn that it's okay for her to do so, too.
Practice makes perfect.  Find a book that you like and erad it aloud by yourself until you feel comfortable.
Involve your youngster in the story.  Have him turn the pages.  Or, read one line and let him read the next.
Take your time and don't rush the story.  Your child can tell if you're in a hurry.  Reading slowly will help you read clearly.
As you feel more comfortable, try changing your voice to show the characters' feelings -- joy, sadness, fear.  These variations can make the story more exciting for both of you!
Remember that you are helping your child learn to enjoy reading.  Try different types of reading materials, such as comic strips and poetry.
Above all, try to relax and enjoy the time you're spending with your youngster.
All this from a read-aloud?
Here are even more reasons that reading-aloud is important:
Reading aloud builds excitement about reading -- motivating youngsters to read on their own.
Children hear strong models of good English -- improving their reading, speaking, and writing skills.
Listening to stories helps develop youngsters' imaginations -- boosting creativity and thinking skills.
Kids can explore books, authors, and topics that are new to them -- expanding their choices for books to read themselves.