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Scrip Information

Scrip is a fundraiser that allows you to purchase certificates and gift cards good for a stated dollar amount. You can then go shopping and use the scrip just like money. A $25 amount of scrip costs you $25.


SCRIP ordered on or before Sunday will generally be available for pickup on Tuesday. Contact Juli or Mark to place your SCRIP order
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Contact and to order scrip:

Juli Kerr
Southgate, MI
Mark Smith
12396 Kent Ct
Southgate, MI 48195
(734) 282-7543


Questions and answers on scrip.....

  • I thought that this was a "fundraiser", how does buying the same amount that the card is worth raise money?

Each company donates a percentage back to the band. Currently companies are giving back from 1.5 % up to 20%. Each company is at a set percentage, we have those listed on chart below (and on the scrip order form that you can download). For example you purchase $100 of Farmer Jack scrip, go shopping and can purchase $100 worth of food. You also get $5 put into student credit (since the Farmer Jack rate is 5%). In effect, you get a bonus, just for purchasing scrip.

  • But what if I don't spend $100 on food that one day, will I lose the rest of the money on the scrip that I purchased?

No, because the scrip is usually on a card that looks and works like a debit card. It's electronic and keeps the remaining balance available for future purchases .

  • Ok, so what's the catch? (there must be a catch, there always is)

You're right, you MUST purchase the scrip in advance. In some cases, you will need to give us a few days advance notice. And approximately 25% of the credit gained goes back to the band for administrative costs.

  • It's only a few dollars here and there, is it really worth the trouble?

Let's look at an example of a typical year for a family:

Item $ Spent per week Student credit per week Approximate Student credit
Food (2%) $150 2.25 117.00
Gas (3% Marathon) $50 1.13 58.76
CVS (6%) $30 per month 1.35 16.20
KFC (9%) $20 four times a year 1.35 5.40
Visa Misc. Exp. (2%) $150 2.25 117.00
Little Ceasar (10%) $20 per month 1.50 18.00
Total   Band Camp Free $314.36