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BINGO Information

We are on Facebook!  You can get information on scheduling each week and chat with other workers. 
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Hello All,

This page has all of our BINGO information which includes contact information, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday BINGO programs and worker/volunteer schedules.


Contact Info:

Bingo Contact Email:

Bingo Facebook Group:


Note: The Bingo chair people do their best to help schedule you to work either your 3 compulsory BINGO's (so you don't have to pay the $125 buy-out) or one's for you to earn student credit. It is your responsibility to get scheduled for your compulsory bingo's. The chairperson can be contacted to help schedule you. Make sure you have dates in mind that you would like to work. Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are available for you to work your compulsories or to earn student credit. E-mail is best as then it is documented and doesn't get written down on a piece of paper and misplaced. Please return phone calls from the chairperson promptly as the schedules can fill up quickly for a particular night you may want to work.