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Marching Uniform Policy 2018

Southgate Anderson Marching Band Uniform Policies

Please read through the policies outlined below and make sure you are complying with them whenever in uniform. You are to be in uniform AT ALL TIMES when representing Southgate Marching Band. This includes, but not limited to, Performances, Football Games, Parades, Band A Rama, ect.

  • Underneath your uniform, you must wear a black shirt. In warmer weather, a black t-shirt is acceptable. In colder weather, you may layer up but the outermost layer must be completely black (Ex. a black, long sleeve mock turtleneck). We should not be able to see a colored collar or sleeve when you move around in uniform. You must wear black socks that are longer than Ankle Length.

  • If you have longer hair (women AND men), you must have it tucked completely into your shako. Hair should not be hanging out or touching the collar of your jacket, and it should be tightly secured so that you can remove and replace your shako easily.

  • Do not wear any facial jewelry or noticeable makeup. If you must have something in to prevent a piercing hole from closing, use a clear stud or place a Band-Aid over the piercing. Woodwind players with fingerless gloves, please remove any nail polish.

  • At competitions, uniforms must be worn in their entirety or not at all, as specified by the staff. This includes your Bibbers, Jacket and Shoes. Shako, Plume, Gauntlets and Gloves may be removed depending on the show.

  • Shoes are to be worn at all times by all members. If you are not wearing shoes, you will not perform.

  • If you are told to be out of uniform, you must be wearing Southgate gear or all black (winter coats are acceptable, of course).

  • After every performance we will turn in our uniforms to avoid any caretaking issues. Plumes must be kept in their plume tubes.

Our goal at all times is to look clean, polished, and professional, and also to keep these uniforms in good condition for as long as we can. Take pride in your appearance and always look good!

Uniform Wearing and Care

The Uniform symbolizes the pride of the individual in the organization. When the Uniform is worn correctly it will project unity, dignity, pride and authority. It is everyone's responsibility to see that all members respect and care for the uniform and that it is worn properly.

Uniforms are issued to all marching band students, and a deposit is required (student credit may not be used for the deposit). Students are required to wear black socks at all marching competitions. When the student is no longer a member of the marching band and has returned a clean uniform, all parts intact; uniform deposit will be refunded, if all other family debt with the marching band has been cleared.

Band members are to handle and care for their own uniforms. Should part of the uniform go missing, do not take someone else's. Report the problem to the person in charge of uniforms for reissue. Your student is responsible for the uniform and will be charged a replacement cost if the missing part(s) are not found. Most "missing items" result from not making sure all the uniform parts are together after a performance.

The uniform must be transported in a garment bag (provided). Uniforms are generally turned in after every event, however, if taken home the uniform should be hung up carefully after each and every performance. Do not store a wet uniform in the bag once you are home, they could mildew. Please take care of the uniforms. Students will be charged replacement costs for any lost items. Costs, subject to charge are: plumes $20, plume tube $3, shako $40, shako box $15, jackets $300, garment bag $12. At the completion of the marching season, a date for turn in will be scheduled and announced; students whose uniform is not returned, cleaned and intact at the scheduled date will incur a $25.00 late fee.


1. No visible jewelry, earrings etc., are to be worn during a performance

2. No colored nail polish is to be worn where visible

3. Facial makeup is be used lightly, NO HEAVY MAKEUP!!

4. Color Guard makeup and hairstyle will be determined by the instructor

5. Those players without complete uniforms WILL NOT march.

6. Be sure uniform pants are hemmed properly. Any damage to the bottom of the pants that require repair will be at the student's expense. If the family needs assistance with hemming, they may contact the uniform committee; a small fee may be charged for this service.

7. Please refer to the Uniform Maintenance Instructions given to your student.

Uniform Chairperson:

Deanna Calleja

(734) 818-0833