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Southgate Anderson Band Program

About Us

The Southgate Anderson Concert, Marching and Winter Ensembles strive for excellence, every season, every week, every day, every rep. The Marching Band has been an MCBA State Finalist since 2003! Southgate Anderson has achieved a recognized style of performance in all areas, and is continually rewarded for that. With a highly ranked Marching Band each year, (as high as 3rd Place in Flight II in 2012 &2013) it is hard to compare the talent and achievements this Program has had in the past few years, and in its entirety. 

The Southgate Winter Guard Program is comprised of three different levels: Middle School, JV and Varsity Winter Guards. The Middle School team is comprised of 3rd - 8th Graders. They compete in the Jr. Regional A division and consistently finish at State Championships in the top half of their class, as high as 4th place. Both the JV and Varsity teams are made up of 8th Grade - 12th Grade students. The JV team has been decorated with many Silver and Bronze medals since it began and is the current Silver Medalist of Sch. AA in MCGC. The Varsity team is our Nationally Competitive team. We have finished as high as 2nd Place at State Championships, twice in the last 4 years. We have been finalists in the WGI Pittsburgh, Walled Lake, and Indianapolis Elite Regionals. We also became a WGI Mid-East Color Guard Championship Finalist in 2014. The Southgate Anderson Winter Guard is also a WGI World Championship Semi-Finalist. 

The Southgate Anderson Winter Percussion is comprised of all high school aged students as well as a few 8th grade students. They are a 3-Time MCGC State Champion. In 2014, they were named the WGI Troy Regional Scholastic A Champion. They have also been a WGI Regional Finalist in Dayton and Troy several times. The Drumline is also a WGI World Championship Semi-Finalist. In 2009, they became a WGI Scholastic A World Championship Finalist. We strive to stay competitive in State and Nationally and have done a great job of being just that.