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Item Collection Info

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September: TBA

October: TBA

November: TBA

December: TBA

January: TBA

February: TBA

March: TBA

April: TBA

May: TBA


Earned this school year: TBA


Our goal: $2,400.00



We are continuing to collect "caps” from coke products.  Please send your "caps” in with your students.  We have a collection can around the corner from the office.  We earn points for the caps and those points will be turned into physical fitness equipment. You can also enter your points into your Coke Rewards account and donate them to our school.




Campbell’s Labels for Education:  With points from this program, we have been able to receive a ton of great items for the school.  There are many more great items available for us to receive.





If you use shop at Meijer, you can register for our school to receive Meijer Community Rewards.  If you use a Meijer Credit Card, Cash and/or Debit, a portion of your purchases will go to Grogan.

You can pick up a form at the office or register online by clicking here.
Our organization code is #304409.

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