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Helpful Hints


Homework Routine: It is absolutely essential that students have a set homework routine. Students will develop consistent work habits and study skills if they are presented as an important part of their schooling. Parents have the biggest part in influencing whether or not homework is an established "way we do things". Adult attitudes toward homework can be the difference between academic success and academic failure. Please set a routine and stick to it. It will pay off!
Gym Shoes and Cold Weather:  When the weather is questionable, whether it is rain, snow or cold, students/parents are faced with the decision on whether to go to school in boots or sneakers (tennis shoes/gym shoes). It is very important that the students have the appropriate footwear for physical education. Please put the gym shoes in their backpack if they have gym that day.
Outside Lunch  Recess:  We try to get the children outside as much as possible. When the weather permits (keeping in mind our outside policy) the students will go outside for lunchtime recess. We have the running track as well as an extensive playground that keeps the students active and moving. When it is raining or snowing, we typically keep the students inside at recess.

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