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Southgate Anderson High School Concert Ensembles

9th Grade Band
Our 9th grade band is the foundation of what our program will be in the future. We strive to work on fundamentals, how to practice, how to create good sounds on our instruments, and how to listen and play in an ensemble. This is the first stepping stone of our entire program at Southgate Anderson. During our concert season, the 9th grade band and the concert band combine to create a blended ensemble and play their music together. 

Concert Band
Our Concert band is compiled of students that are in grades 10-12. It is a step up from our 9th grade ensemble due to the experience levels, but also strives to practice the fundamentals of our instruments, and playing together in an ensemble. Many students take this class as a way to explore a new instrument that they haven't played before, and some of these students are also in the top ensemble, the Symphonic Band. 

Symphonic Band
The Symphonic band is the top ensemble at Southgate Anderson.  It is an auditioned group of students that have a strong base in the fundamentals of their instruments, and a strong base in music itself. This group is compiled of students in all grades at Anderson, and strives to push our students to achieve new levels of musicality, ensemble sound, and emotion through the playing of challenging literature that many of our students have never even thought that they could play! 

Jazz Band

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