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Plato Math

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Plato Math

Plato Math Lab Course Syllabus


Teacher: Mr. Hansen


Extra Help: I am available to help from 8:15-8:45 and 3:00-3:30 Mon. thru Fri.



I believe every student can learn and succeed in math. I have high expectations for each student who enters my classroom and we will work together as a team to achieve greater abilities in mathematics. I expect students to arrive in class prepared to take responsibility for their own learning. Students take responsibility by trying their best, finishing their assignments, challenging themselves and by staying on task.


Plato Math Lab

Plato is a computerized math program that allows students to focus on concepts that they never understood in the past. All students will take an assessment test at the beginning of the class to see what areas each student needs to work on. If students excel at the assessment, then they will pass out of some modules and not have to do those assignments. (If students don’t try on the assessment, they will have many more modules to complete.)  Students will view tutorials, complete reviews, and mastery tests at different math skill levels. Students must get an 80% on the mastery tests to move on to the next module. This program provides immediate feedback, and gives students a sense of control over their own learning.


Signing In

Your Username: first name space last name        in all lowercase          ex: marc hansen

Your Group      : fast track math    just like it looks

Your Password: first three letters of last name then 123                     ex: han123



Students should bring scratch paper and a pen/pencil so they can work out problems


Grading Policy

Grading will be done on an effort basis. Students will earn up to 3 points a day for staying on task. Students will also be assessed based on their completion of mastery tests. Students will get a printout of all their accomplishments once a month. It is also up to the instructor to decide whether or not students put forth their best effort or worked up to their potential, thus Mr. Hansen reserves the right to lower or raise a student’s grade a half grade based on this.


Food and Drink

Food and drinks are allowed, but they cannot be anywhere near your desk. We cannot have students spilling yoo-hoo, or whatever the kids drink these days, on the expensive equipment. All drinks must be left on a table without computers.



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