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Anderson High School
Mr. Rick Kruger

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Welcome to Southgate Anderson Softball

Welcome to
Southgate Anderson Softball!!!

2014 District Champs!
2013 District Champs!
2011 District Champs! & Regional Champs & Quarterfinal Champs!
2010 District Champs! & Regional Champs!
2009 District Champs!
2006 District Champs! & Regional Champs!
2005 District Champs!
1995 District Champs!
1994 District Champs! & Regional Champs!

2014 District Championship Team!!!

2013 District Championship Team!!!

2011 Quarter Finals Championship Team!
The farthest in Southgate History!!
Win is what we do!!!

2011 Regional Championship Team!!! 
It's a REPEAT!!!
 The second time is a CHARM!!!

2011 District Championship Team!!!
It's always sweeter the THIRD time around!!!

2010 Regional Championship Team!!!

2010 District Championship Team!!!
It's a REPEAT!!!
It's always sweeter the second time around!!!

2010 District Championship Team!!!


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