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Course Syllabus

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Course Materials

You are expected to bring the following materials with you to class every day:

1) Your chemistry textbook

2) A standard 8.5”x11” spiral notebook

3) #2 pencils (for notes, assignments, tests & quizzes)

4) Smart Chart (I will provide you with 1 smart chart; additional copies are $1.00)

5) Scientific calculator - Graphing capability is not needed. You should be able to find a suitable calculator for $10 or less.

Classroom Rules

All students have an absolute right to learn and the teacher has an absolute

right to teach - without interference or disturbance of any kind.

1) Follow all school and common classroom rules.

2) Act in a respectful, considerate, and mature manner at all times.

3) Be in your seat and ready to learn at the time class begins.

4) Food and beverages are not permitted in this class.

5) Ask for a pass only in an emergency.

6) Follow directions the first time they are given.

Rules to Ensure Chemical Safety

The following rules are expected of all students at all times while in this room:

1) Students may not bring food or drinks in this room and they may not eat or drink in this room.

2) Students may not touch any chemicals, equipment, or materials
unless instructed to do so.

3) Students may not SIT ON lab stations and may not STAND AT lab stations
unless instructed to do so.

4) Students may not open drawers at lab stations unless instructed to do so.

5) Students may not stand behind teacher desk and they
may not enter back room for any reason.

Grading Scale

95% - 100% A

90% - 94.9% A-

87% - 89.9% B+

84% - 86.9% B

80% - 83.9% B-

77% - 79.9% C+

74% - 76.9% C

70% - 73.9% C-

67% - 69.9% D+

63% - 66.9% D

0% - 62.9% E

Course Requirements

Your grade will be determined based on your success in completing the following tasks:

1) Assignments: There will be frequent written assignments. Students are expected to attempt every question. Students are expected to correct all incorrect answers and include those corrections in their notebook. Mimio notes will be placed on my website whenever possible.

2) Laboratory: Lab activities are an important part of the class. It is imperative that every student prepares for the lab activity, follows the procedures outlined for the activity, and completes the lab write up. Any student who does not follow Lab Safety procedures will be excluded from the lab and will receive a zero for the assignment.

3) Quizzes & Examinations: Quizzes and exams will be given regularly. Quizzes will be short and cover select topics. Exams will be cumulative. You will be tested on not only the material covered in the particular chapter that we are studying, but also on all material that has been covered in the trimester.

4) Final Exam: A comprehensive final exam will be given on the assigned date.


It is extremely important that every student is in class every day. In the event that a student is absent for an exam, a quiz, or a lab, he/she must make arrangements to make up the assignment at my convenience. Arrangements must be made IMMEDIATELY upon returning to school. Failure to do so will result in a loss of credit for the assignment. In the event that a student is absent on the day that homework or lab write-ups are due, he/she will turn in the assignment on the first day that he/she returns to class. Make-up work will not be accepted from students for unexcused absences.

Passes to Leave Class

Please use the bathroom and make counseling appointments during passing time, before school, during lunch, or after school. You are permitted three (3) passes from me during a trimester.

Course Grading

There is no curve in this class: you are competing only against yourself, not your fellow students. Quizzes and examinations will be worth 70% of your trimester grade. Daily work, review sheets, chapter previews, and all other assignments will make up the other 30% of your grade. Your trimester grade will be calculated according to Anderson’s Grading Policy. Late work is not accepted.

Out of Class Assistance

Hopefully, you will be able to understand most of the material in class and when you do your homework. This does not happen for everyone all of the time, so I encourage you to seek assistance outside of class time. First, you should always ask a friend. Second, NHS offers tutoring. Third, you can access my website for helpful information. Finally, you can always email me or come to see me. I am usually in my classroom 45 minutes before and 15 minutes after school. Feel free to come and see me during this time.

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