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Practice Record for Tri 1



  1. Begin practicing on Wed. October 12 (First four sessions are due October 19).
  2. Practice for four practice sessions per week
                    No time limit! Each session may be as long or short as you wish.
                    Each session should have the following parts:
                                    Part 1 – Warm up
                                    Part 2 – Unfamiliar music
    (Includes new music and music you still need to improve on)
                                    Part 3 – Music that you know and like
  3. You may only practice up to two sessions per day (No credit will be given for more than two sessions per day)
  4. Parents: Indicate how many practice sessions your child has completed each day. Help your student total the sessions, and sign the record on Tuesday evening. Grades will be collected every Wednesday in class.


What if I forget my practice record on the day it’s due? Bring your completed practice record to Mrs. Garvey as soon as you remember. This should be done before class, after class, or after school.


While it is satisfactory to complete all your practice sessions over the weekend, it is best to spread your practice out over the week (just as you would for a sports team). Set aside a certain time and place in your house that is just for practicing. Have fun!












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