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Switching Instrument Information


In order for us to have a great band, it is often necessary for a student to switch instruments.  In the second year of band we start to incorporate more instruments and we start to improve the instrumentation of the group.  In class I have spoken with the students about switching instruments.  Here is some information that can help you and your student decide if switching is right for him or her.


1.     Switching can be a tough task.  So it is important that it is given consideration by the student, parent, and band director. All factors need to be considered, including what can help the band as whole, and what can help the student as a musician.

2.     Instruments that we often switch students to include Tuba, Baritone, Tenor sax, French Horn, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and occasionally percussion.

3.  We only need a limited number of these instruments, so I usually will           audition students in the event that we have more players than we have positions.

4. Under most circumstances, a school instrument is provided for switch over students who are playing an instrument approved by the band director. It may be necessary to purchase different reeds for a reed switch over.


Who makes a good switcher?


1.     Students from larger sections, such as clarinets, flutes, and alto saxophones, often make good switchers.

2.     Students who have a strong sense of "stick-to-it-ivnessā€¯ are good candidates for a switch. If your student tends to "waffleā€¯ about things, switching may not be the best option for him or her.

3.     Students who are good students academically are usually good switchers.

4.     Students who are able to stay after school for some extra help are usually good switch candidates.

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