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General Fundraising Information

General Fundraising Information for Middle School Band Parents


Hello Southgate Middle School Band Parents:


I hope your students are off to a great start to the school year.  I have enjoyed meeting them and we are on our way to making great music.  Throughout your time in the band program you will have various expenses such as instrument rental or purchase costs, reed costs, band shirt fees, private lessons, trip costs, and  a whole host of other things that your students may need to pay for.  As a band program we also have a bunch of expenses, such as the purchase of new music, repairing instruments, bus costs, and purchasing new instruments.  In order to help our program raise money and you raise money for your student we have a very extensive and unique fundraising program here in Southgate run by our band booster program.


Here are some of the highlights of that program:


  • Every band student in our program has a student credit account maintained by the band boosters.  We deposit money into your students account after he or she participates in a band fundraiser.
  • Almost all band fundraisers are voluntary.  We only ask you to participate in our grand raffle ticket sales, other than that you can pick and choose which fundraisers you like best.
  • We fundraise constantly throughout the school year and we do all types of fundraisers.  We do item sales (like candy, pretzels, pizza kits etc.)  We do brochure type fundraisers (like Frankenmuth chocolates, candles, etc.)  We have a terrific SCRIP program, and our booster operate a  bingo three days a week.
  • Many parents and students who are active fundraisers, never pay a band expense with their own money.
  • Every student’s credit account is active during his or her entire time in the Southgate Band Program.
  • A percentage of every fundraiser you participate in goes directly in to your personal credit account and a percentage goes to help the whole band program with its expenses.
  • You will get information about fundraisers through home communication, you will get information through our e-mail list, and you can find information on the band website.
  • Many of our product fundraisers are pre-pay.  This makes book keeping much easier for us.  All of our fundraisers are 6-12 grade, so you can imagine the job it is to keep track of everything.  For example, if you wanted to participate in the candy sale, you would send in a check or cash for $52 which is the price of a case of candy.  $12 or whatever the percentage of student credit earned would be deposited in your account. You would then sell the candy and keep the $52, or use that money to purchase another case from us.


As always please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions you may have.

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