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Ms. Plocharczyk & Mrs. Mazur

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Kindergarten Newsletters

Prevent Summer Slide!

Research shows that many students forget important school skills over the long summer vacation. Creating a summer routine that includes reading, writing, creativity, outdoor play, and skill practice each day will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your child’s success in school. We know this is a challenge in today’s ELECTRONIC-driven entertainment world! Kids want to be on screens for as long as we allow them to, right? Creating boundaries and rules will keep their brains in tip-top shape and help them get ready for the next grade level.

There are LOTS of different ways to help your child stay on their toes this summer-- for example, this free, printable checklist (below left) is on Pinterest! We encourage you to find a routine that works for your family. This Summer Bridge Activity book (below right) provides daily activities for 12-weeks of brain-building practice. It is about $10 on Amazon if you want to order it yourself-- we can also order it for you if you fill out the order form below and send in cash by June 5th.

____________________________________________________________________SUMMER BRIDGE ACTIVITY BOOK ORDER


All Books are $10 each. Please send cash only.

CHILD’S NAME ______________________Teacher Name___________________

_____K-1 (kids going from K INTO 1st)

_____1-2 (kids going from 1st to 2nd)

_____2-3 (kids going from 2nd to 3rd)

_____3-4 (kids going from 3rd to 4th)

_____4-5 (kids going from 4th to 5th)

_____5-6 (kids going from 5th to 6th)

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