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Parent/Student/Teacher/Principal Compact

 Grogan Elementary School

Parent/Student/Teacher/ Principal Compact


This agreement is designed to promote a willingness on the part of parents, students, teachers, and the building

principal to work cooperatively together to promote high standards of student achievement and behavior at Grogan

Elementary School.  It is hoped that this agreement will not be taken lightly by any of the parties involved.

Cooperation and support of the school by parents, good communication between the parent and school and the

willingness to work together are keys to the successful education of all the students at Grogan Elementary School.


As a parent/guardian, I will encourage and support my child by:

!   Making sure that my child attends school every day and on time.

!   Providing my child with a good breakfast and lunch.

!   Attending Back-to-School Night and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

!   Promoting and expecting good behavior at school, as well as to and from school.

!   Promoting the value of doing well in school academically.

!   Providing a well-lighted, quiet study area at home.

!   Communicating with the school on a regular basis.


Parent/Guardian signature and date:  _____________________________________________________


As a student, I will become an active partner in my own learning by:

!   Attending school every day and arriving to school on time.

!   Demonstrating good citizenship by following the rules and treating others and their property with respect.

!   Settling my differences by talking things out, not fighting and seeking adult help when necessary.

!   Cooperating with my parents and all the teachers and staff member at Grogan Elementary.

!   Completing all my assignments to the best of my ability.


Student signature and date:  ___________________________________________________________


As a teacher, I will encourage and support student learning by:

!   Demonstrating care and concern for each student.

!   Providing an environment which encourages learning by all students.

!   Utilizing the best instructional practices in my classroom to achieve high student achievement.

!   Communicating with parents on a regular basis and providing regular reports on student progress.

!   Welcoming parent participation in the classroom and parent support at home to help students achieve high

academic standards and good behavior.


Teacher signature and date:  ___________________________________________________________


As Principal, I will support this compact and strive to do the following:

!   Provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all staff and students.

!   Communicate with the community on a regular and on-going basis.

!   Help the staff provide a curriculum which promotes high academic standards and enables all students to

learn and become productive, contributing citizens.

!   Promote good behavior at school and to and from school.

!   Provide parents the opportunities to become involved in the school and their child's education.


Principal's signature and date:  __________________________________________________________

This compact is not intended to be a legal document or contract which grant any party legal rights or creates enforceable legal obligations.  The commitments set forth above

are goal statement intended to promote improving academic standards and behavior.  That means that the commitments are voluntary and not binding by any of the parties

or Southgate Community Schools

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