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Welcome to Kindergarten

Fordline Elementary
Ms. Plocharczyk & Mrs. Mazur

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Helpful Tips!

Please read to your child each night! Reading is fun and it will help to make your child a successful reader!

Practice all the sight words on a weekly basis. You can make your own flash cards and use them to quiz your child.

The sight words as of May are: I, we, can, see, like, go, mom, dad, to, the, look, do, so, up, no, go, and, this, they, said, there, went, these, then

Red, Brown, Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink & White


Count up to 20 each night

Write up to 20 each night

Identify up to 20

Make ABAB , ABBA, ABBB, & ABC patterns

Drawing shapes (include oval and diamond)

Identify all shapes

Say the days of the week and the months of the year

Count by 10's and 5's to 100




Practice writing your child's first and last name.

Practice writing all the letters!

Homework is always due on Friday!!!

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