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Grogan Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.





The name of this organization shall be the Grogan Elementary Parent and Teacher Organization, Inc., herein

referred to as the PTO.



Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be:

a. To promote the welfare of the students and improve the environment at our school by providing

volunteer and financial support.

b. To bring into a closer relationship the home and school so that parents and teachers may cooperate to

make informed decisions regarding the education of our children.

c. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child

the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.



Section 1. This organization shall be non-profit, non-sectarian, non-commercial, and non-partisan. It shall not

endorse a commercial enterprise or candidate. The name of the organization or the names of any members in

their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan

interest, or for any other purpose that is not the regular work of the organization.

Section 2. This organization shall not directly or indirectly participate or intervene in anyway, including the

publishing or distribution of statements, in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate

for public office.

Section 3. The PTO may cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in child welfare, such as

conference groups or coordinating councils, providing its representatives make no commitments that bind the

group he/she represents.

Section 4. This organization shall not seek to direct the administration activities of the school or to control its




Section 1. Membership is open to parents, guardians, teachers and staff of Grogan Elementary who are

interested in the purpose of the PTO and willing to uphold its basic policies and subscribe to its bylaws.

Section 2. An annual enrollment of members shall be conducted at the 1

st PTO meeting and at the school Open

House. Additional members shall be accepted at any time.

Section 3. All members are required to attend either three (3) meetings or actively volunteer at three (3) PTO

events to be considered a member in good standing and eligible to vote.

Section 4. The membership year shall be from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Section 5. All members must submit a membership form for the current school year to participate in the

business of the organization.





Section 1.

a. The officers of this organization will be president, vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary, and

corresponding secretary.

b. The officers shall be elected annually in the month of May by ballot.

c. Newly elected officers will assume their official duties as of July 1

st. The term shall be for 1 year. All

officers will remain in office until their successors assume office.

Section 2.

a. Nominations will be taken from the general membership of those who are eligible according to Article IV

Section 2.

b. The consent of each eligible nominee shall be secured before his/her name is presented.

c. A notice will be sent in April of those who are running for office.

d. Outgoing officers and newly elected officers shall have a combined meeting in June so as to provide an

orderly transfer of responsibility.

Section 3. A vacancy in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person selected by a majority vote

of Executive Board. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall assume the duty for the

remainder of the school year, or until the office is filled.

Section 4. By a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Executive Board, an officer may be removed from office for

failure to perform duties.



Section 1. President - Duties:

a. Preside at all meetings of the PTO.

b. Prepare the agenda for all meetings.

c. Present any new business.

d. Be a member (ex-official) of all committees except the nominating committee and auditing committees

and help coordinate work of committees in order to obtain objectives.

e. Create and publish with the help of other officers the annual PTO calendar by the first PTO meeting of

the school year.

f. Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

g. Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by year end.

h. Hold contract signing authority.

Section 2. Vice President - Duties:

a. Aid the president.

b. Perform the duties of the President in the event of that officer’s absence or inability to serve.

c. Act as liaison between committee and project chairs with the Executive Board.

d. Be in charge of all correspondence and communications regarding fundraisers.

e. Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

f. Submit a written report detailing responsibilities and recommendations to the future board by year end.

g. Manage the recruitment of volunteers for the various PTO committees.



Section 3. Treasurer - Duties:

a. Be custodian of all organization funds and shall be authorized to disperse funds on behalf of the PTO in

accordance to the approved budget.

b. Keep accurate and legible records of income, disbursements, and bank account information.

c. Any amount over $100 and not included on budget must be approved by three (3) Executive Board

members (one officer and 2 other board members) prior to disbursement.

d. Give a financial report at the monthly meeting.

e. Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

f. Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by year end.

g. Prepare federal tax forms (Form 990 or Form 990EZ) as required by the IRS and submit by December 15

of each year.

h. Renew the incorporation of the PTO each year as required by the State of Michigan.

i. Facilitate an annual audit of financial records and practices during the summer of each year.

Section 4. Recording Secretary - Duties:

a. Keep accurate records of all meetings of the PTO and the Executive Board (including but not limited to

recording all votes).

b. Prepare any materials needed for distribution or reference at General Membership meetings.

c. Finalize minutes, obtain necessary approvals, and post minutes.

d. Keep the files of communications, papers and documents belonging to the organization.

e. Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

f. Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board my year end.

Section 5. Corresponding Secretary - Duties:

a. Prepare any correspondence and publicity for the organization as needed, including meeting


b. Recruit volunteers and/or be responsible for conducting fall PTO membership drive, maintain the school

PTO bulletin board, etc.

c. Assist Vice President with correspondence of all fundraisers.

d. Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by year end.

e. Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by year end.



Section 1. Regular meetings of the PTO shall be held monthly during the school year or as designated by the

Executive Board. Reasonable notice shall be given of change of dates.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board. Reasonable notice shall be given.

Section 3. Three (3) members of the Executive board shall constitute a quorum for the transactions of business

in any meeting of the PTO.

Section 4. The privilege of holding office, introducing motions, and voting shall be limited to members in good

standing (see Article IV, Section 2.)




Section 1. Composition: The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording

Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, the school principal, and two (2) teacher representatives (one from the

lower elementary and one from the upper elementary). The members of this Executive Board shall serve, but

are not limited to, a term of one (1) year and shall remain in office until their successors assume office.

Section 2. The Duties of the Executive Board shall be:

a. To transact the necessary business in intervals between general membership meetings.

b. To create an annual budget which supports the activities and committees of the PTO.

c. All items, which have not been previously budgeted, must be approved by a quorum of the Executive

Board. These items may be submitted in the form of a written proposal, presented at the next meeting

of the Executive Board or dealt with during school hours. All Executive board members shall be notified

with in three (3) days of any decisions made.

d. To create standing committees and to approve the plans and work of these committees.

e. An auditor may be appointed to review the treasurer’s accounts before the first meeting of the school


f. To approve routine bills within the limits of the budget

g. Review the by-laws on an annual basis before end of current term.

h. Fill vacancies of elected positions

i. To oversee fundraising activities of the school.

Section 3. The Executive Board, by majority vote of all officers, may approve unbudgeted expenditures.

Section 4. Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held monthly during the school year. Special

meetings of the Executive Board may be called by a quorum of (3) members of the Board or by the president.



Committees shall be created by the Executive Board as needed to promote the purpose and interests of the

organization. The need for specific committees will be reviewed annually.

Section 1. The chairperson of each committee shall present their plans of work to the PTO Board. No committee

work shall be undertaken without the approval of the Executive Board and by a quorum.

a. All meetings held by committees will have minutes recorded and a copy to be submitted to the Executive


b. The chairpersons shall report on committee activities to the Vice President monthly and at the general

membership meetings as necessary.

c. No committee or member there of shall have any authority to make any contract or incur any debt on

behalf of the PTO without prior approval from the Executive Board.

d. Chairpersons of each committee will make guidelines for each project or event and maintain and submit

records of all committee work. At the completion of each event or project the committee chair will

submit a final report to the Executive Board.

e. Any information to be sent home with students must be shared with the principal for approval.

Section 2. Special committees may be formed by:

a. Authorization of the PTO membership by a formal resolution.

b. By action of the Executive Board.



Section 1. Fiscal Year

The PTO fiscal year shall run from July 1

st through June 30th of the following year.

Section 2. Distribution of Funds

All proceeds of the PTO shall be distributed among all grade levels or at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 3. All funds shall be kept in a checking and savings account in the name of Grogan Elementary PTO and

be held at a local financial institution.

Section 4. The organization shall leave a minimum of $2,000.00 in the treasury at the end of each fiscal year.

Section 5. A tentative budget shall be drafted in the fall of each school year and approved by a majority vote of

the Executive Board. After passage by the Executive Board, the budget may be submitted to the general

membership for approval at the discretion of the Executive Board. Such approval shall be carried by a twothirds

majority of those present at the meeting.

Section 6. All funds collected at PTO sponsored events are to be counted at the conclusion of the event with a

minimum of the event chairperson and one other Grogan parent and a deposit form filled out. All funds that

can not be immediately deposited must be turned over to the treasurer or an Executive Board member at the

end of each event or secured in the PTO safe. For multi-day events, monies shall be counted on a daily basis as

described above.

Section 7. Any items, prizes, candy, food, etc. remaining after any PTO event will be the property of the PTO and

stored in the PTO room at the close of the event.

a. Remaining perishable items may be dispersed as deemed appropriate by the event chairperson.

Section 8. All PTO positions and work are considered voluntary. No payments or gifts will be made to

volunteers for work done for or on behalf of the PTO.

Section 9. As a non-profit tax exempt organization, a tax exempt form must be used for purchases made on the

PTO’s behalf. Sales tax on purchased items will not be reimbursed.

Section 10. Two authorized signatures shall be required on each check over the amount of $200. Authorized

signers shall be officers of the PTO.

Section 11. Any member who needs to be reimbursed for expenses must submit a reimbursement form with

original receipts attached within 30 days of the expenditure, otherwise the request will be denied.



Section 1. This organization reserves the right to dissolve at any time upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of

the current membership.

Section 2. Notice to disband will be given at least 14 calendar days prior to the general membership meeting.

Section 3. In event of dissolution, after a period of one year, all assets of the organization after payment of

expenses shall be transferred to such exempt organizations as qualify under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal

Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, and recommended by the Executive Board.



Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, shall govern the organization in all cases in which they are applicable and

in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws.



Standing rules may be approved by the Executive Board and the secretary shall keep record of the standing rules

for future reference.



Section 1. Revision Procedure

Purposed amendments to these Bylaws must be presented to the Executive Board at a regular or special

meeting with voting on the proposed amendments to occur at the next general meeting. All members must be

made aware of impending changes fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the next meeting. Notice may be given

by postal mail, e-mail, or posting on the PTO website. The amended bylaws must be approved by a simple

majority of those in attendance. The secretary shall record the approved changes.

Section 2. Revision Schedule

The Executive Board shall review the Bylaws a minimum of every two (2) years.

These Bylaws were updated and adopted on September 16, 2009.

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