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Criminal Conviction Reporting





"School Safetyā€¯ legislation (2005 PA 129-131 and 138) enacted into law has an impact on your

employment with the school/district. Cited below are the key provisions of this law and how

it will affect you personally.

Criminal history checks conducted by the MSP are sent to the Michigan Department of

Education identifying all school employees with a recorded criminal conviction. The

Department in turn provides the names of individuals convicted of a crime to the district

superintendent and school board of the employing district. The report includes convictions

for any crime, misdemeanor or felony. If you have been convicted of a non-listed felony, the

district superintendent and the school board are required, by law, to agree in writing to

continue your employment with the district/school. If you have been convicted of an offense

that requires you to register your name on the sex offender registry, your employment will be

terminated and you will not be allowed employment (in any capacity) in a Michigan K-12

School, public or non-public.

This law also requires you, as an employee of the district/school to self-report to your

employer AND the Michigan Department of Education when you have been

arraigned/charged with certain identified crimes. You must do so within (3) three business

days of arraignment, or you will be guilty of an additional crime. The crimes are listed in

MCL 380.1535a.

The "Arraignment Disclosure Formā€¯, "Listed Offensesā€¯, "Enumerated Misdemeanor

Convictions Required Disclosureā€¯, and "Required Disclosure and Immediate Suspension of

Certificate Upon Convictionā€¯ documents are available to download below.

If you have further questions or concerns, you may wish to view additional information

available at the following website:,1607,7-140-6530_5683_39798---,00.html.

You can also contactStephanie Whiteside, Coordinating Specialist, Office of Professional Preparation Services at 517.335.1167, or email You may also contact me at 734.246.4600 or email


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