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Our Honor Code

I expect that you will settle for nothing less than your best on everything that you do in our class. I also expect that you will never sell yourself short by turning in the work that another student has spent his or her time and energy on. “Cheating” is a term that holds a variety of meanings to everyone. It has become justifiable in some instances and appalling in others.

To clarify what I expect, please remember that you will receive a zero on any assignment, quiz, or test that resembles the following:

    If you are found using a "cribsheet", book, or anything on a quiz or test that is not permitted.
    If you are found looking at answers on another student’s quiz, test, or assignment.
    If you are found copying answers off of another student’s assignment.
    If you and another student have exactly the same answers on free-response assignments.
    If you split up assignments and give or receive answers from another student later.
    If you are found not doing the work yourself in any way, shape, or form.

Please understand that "cheating"  to me means that you have not done the work yourself. This means that you have cheated yourself out of the sense of accomplishment that goes along with hard work and commitment. I will not let you cheat yourself.



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