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Respect and Responsibility

Anderson High School has policies regarding expected behavior as outlined in your student handbook. All of these policies are expected in our classroom as well. When students respect those policies, the class runs smoothly and students and teachers gain more from each and every day. This is a list of things to consider while we're in our classroom.

To clarify what I expect, please remember that you will receive a zero on any assignment, quiz, or test that resembles the following:

Be Nice
Respect the rights and property of others
Use socially appropriate language and behavior at all times
Be in your seat when class officially starts (TONE=TARDY)
Bring all books and materials to class
Sit in your assigned seat until you are otherwise instructed
Do not groom yourself (or anyone else) during class time
Do not bring open food or beverages into the room or hallway
Follow directions the first time they are given

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