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Homework Policy

All assignments are due or checked off at the beginning of the hour. If you do not turn in the assignment at the time I collect it, it will not be graded. There are no exceptions to this. If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you are required to turn it in to me the day that you return to school. If I have assigned something new when you are absent, you are required to turn that assignment in to me the next day. If you are absent the day before a test, you will be required to take that test during the makeup session.

After teaching a lesson, I will assign homework problems, a reinforcement worksheet, or an activity. The assignment will be due at the beginning of the hour the next day. When I walk around to ensure that the assignment is completed, you will receive either five points for completing eighty percent (80%) or more of the assignment or you will receive zero points for completing less than eighty percent (80%) of the assignment. Completion of the assignment at any time after I come around to check off the assignment DOES NOT remove the zero earned, but it does increase your chances of success on the objectives of the unit.

We have brand new Chemistry Books for the 2005-2006 school year! In order to make sure that the school district's investment in our class is well-deserved and long-lasting, proper care for our books is important. As such, you will lose five points every time I find papers, pencils, notebooks, or anything else inside your school book.

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