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Large Item Donations

Sometimes people have an extra item around their house that they don't need or use anymore.... they haven't gotten rid of it simply because they don't want to throw it in the trash (they want it to go to good use).


The following items are things that the we could really use in Chemistry and share with the entire science department.   If you have any of these items and you donated them to our school, I'm sure you can write it off as a charitable donation on your taxes.  And on top of that, you would know that your item will be put to good use for many years to come!!!


Large Refrigerator with Freezer

Thank you to Sheena Moore and family for the donation of a freezer/fridge!  The science department is so appreciative!!!!



The water doesn't quite get hot enough.  Using a microwave to warm up water or melt something needed for a lab is a quick and safe way to get the job done.  Using hot plates often blows circuits and are not always safe to have around a classroom of curious students!!


Scientific Calculators

Do you work for a store that sells Texas Instruments calculators?  Do you know anyone who can get us a discount?  Calculators are needed by students taking science every single day.  We often share these between classes because our budget doesn't allow for us to purchase enough.  Some of our students also can't afford their own calculators and we sign them out over night or for a semester to those students.  Any help in this are would be greatly appreciated!

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