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My Supply Wish List

The following items would help make our class run more smoothly.  I pick these up periodically during the year, but any donations would be greatly appreciated not only by me, but by my students as well.  


Thank you in advance for any donations!


Paper Towel

Hand Sanitizer

Old Towels

Old Wash Cloths

Old Oven Mitts

Paper Plates (standard and small size)

Large Disposable Cups (plastic, NOT styrofoam)


All of the above items ARE used in class during experiments, for lab set-up, lab clean up, or for everyday activities.  I also generally have 15-20 students who eat lunch in my room on a daily basis (not necessarily because they love MY company, but rather because I have computers and silly toys that they know they can use during that time). Having an extra stack of paper plates or cups for them to use always helps!


All can be found at most dollar stores; you have no idea how happy a few towels or bottles of hand sanitizer can make me!!


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