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First Grade Curriculum

Literacy Program

Our literacy program is based on the needs of each individual student.  Students are placed in reading groups based on their reading levels.  As they progress, your child’s group members may or may not change over the school year.  The students work from their literacy bags. Inside, the students carry books, a literacy homework notebook, and supplies.  The students are expected to carry their literacy bags to and from school each day.  The lost book fee is $8.00 and the lost literacy bag fee is $10.00.  If the books or bag are found at a later date, the replacement fee is refundable.

We will also be working out of a reading series called, "Storytown.” Each week your child will be introduced to new vocabulary, spelling words, grammar, and phonics work from this series that relates to the stories that we will be reading. 

Math Program

The students will be working on Math Units such as patterns, position of objects, number patterns, counting backwards, number lines – add, subtract, then mix of both, fact families, place value, measurement & time, geometry - 2d & 3d shapes, fractions, tallies & finally graphing. We will use Math tiles to practice counting, addition, and subtraction strategies.  Math drops are another independent enrichment activity that your child will complete when assigned.


All students will be given their list of words for the following week on the Friday before.  There are 32 Units in Spelling this year. The students are required to complete and return the weekly homework by Friday, the day of the test.  The students will independently practice their words in class also. On Fridays the students will be given a test for the week.  A list of all of the words for the year is available on the website.


The students will write in a journal 3-5 times a week.  They will be using a grade level appropriate checklist to evaluate the journal writings. The scoring rubric is enclosed in this packet along with a sample of a journal page. We will edit using proofreading marks and learn to use the Writing Process for more effective writing pieces.


Students will complete centers such as poetry, art, listening, Science, Math, phonics, etc. in class when they have completed all of their required independent work.  These activities are usually more hands-on and build upon the established curriculum in a fun way.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we will discuss topics and complete handouts and mini-books in class.  Any paperwork completed will be sent home with the students on a weekly basis.


In Science we will discuss topics and complete handouts and mini-books in class.  Any paperwork completed will be sent home with the students on a weekly basis.


Students will be required to do handwriting practice each day.  We will focus on writing each letter of the alphabet, while on Tuesdays, the students may practice writing their name. 


Every day the students will have a time that they will "drop everything and read.”  During this time, the students will read silently at their desks.  They are allowed to choose two books from my bookshelf or bring appropriate books from home to read during this time (usually after lunch).

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