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Chemistry Lab Safety

Throughout this year, we will be conducting several experiments and I will be performing a variety of demonstrations.  It is important that all members of the class are safe at all times.  You will be taking several Lab Safety and Material Recognition quizzes prior to performing a lab.  The following is a general guide for you to read since you will be in the presence of chemicals and laboratory equipment from this day forth.


1.   Conduct yourself in a mature, responsible manner at all times in the laboratory.  Always think about what you are doing.

2.   No food or beverages are permitted in the classroom.  No gum is permitted during experiments.

3.   Follow the lab instructions one step at a time.

4.   Do not work alone unless I permit you to do so.

5.   Do not touch any equipment, chemicals, or other materials unless you are instructed to do so.

6.   Perform only those experiments that I authorize.  Never do anything in the laboratory that is not called for in the laboratory procedures.  Carefully follow all instructions, both written and oral.  Unauthorized experiments of any kind are prohibited.

7.   Be prepared for your work in the laboratory.  Read all procedures and perform all pre-lab assignments before entering the laboratory.  Never fool around in the laboratory.  Horseplay, practical jokes, and pranks are dangerous and prohibited... and will cause your removal from the laboratory with a zero on your lab.

8.   Observe good housekeeping practices.  Work areas should be kept clean and tidy at all times.  Bring only your laboratory instructions, worksheets, and pencils to the work area.

9.   Do not sit down in the lab.  If a chemical spill occurs, you want to be able to move quickly.

10. Know the locations and operating procedures of all safety equipment, including the first aid kit, eyewash station, safety shower, fire extinguisher, and fire blanket.  Know where the fire alarm exits are located.

11. Notify me immediately if you should observe any unsafe conditions.

12. Dispose of all chemical waste properly.  Never mix chemicals by running the in the sink. 

13. Labels and equipment must be read carefully before use.  Set up and use the prescribed apparatus as directed.

14. Keep hands away from your face, eyes, mouth, and body while using chemicals.  Wash your hands with soap and water after performing all experiments.  Clean, rinse, and wipe dry all work surface (including the sink) and apparatus at the end of the experiment.  Return all equipment clean and in working order.

15. Experiments must be personally monitored at all times.  Do not wander around the room, distract other students, or interfere with the experiments of other students.

16. Students are never permitted in the room behind my desk.  If you need more chemicals or equipment, you must request them from me.

17. No hats are allowed in the classroom

18. Shoes must completely cover the foot during an experiment.  No sandals or open toed shoes are allowed.

19. Students will wear laboratory goggles that I provide at all times while in the laboratory.

20. Contact lenses should not be worn during experiments.

21. Long hair must be tied back.  Dangling jewelry, loose clothing, and long hair are a hazard in the lab.

22. Report any accident immediately no matter how trivial it may seem.

23. Do not attempt to pick up broken glass or spilled chemicals with your hands.

24. Never return unused chemicals to their original containers.  This will cause a contamination.

25. Never remove chemicals, equipment, or other materials from the laboratory.


By joining this class, you automatically agree to the previous guidelines without exception.  In addition to these procedures, you will be given a packet of information concerning chemistry experiments.  Prior to performing any lab, you must pass a series of laboratory safety and materials quizzes.  Failure on these quizzes will result in a zero on each lab that you miss.

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