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Welcome to Kindergarten

Fordline Elementary
Ms. Plocharczyk & Mrs. Mazur

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What's for lunch?


Lunch and Snack:


Each day that your child is here, he or she will need to bring a lunch or buy one.  If your child is buying a lunch, please send in the money.  Put the money in an envelope, with your child's name written on it and the amount of money that you have included.  I recommend that you prepay in advance.  This will make your life, as well as mine, much easier!


Each day we will have snack time.  Your child is to bring one snack to eat.  Also, if you would like, you can send in water or a juice box.  Your child's snack should be able to be eaten in 10-15 minutes.  Some ideas include fruit, pretzels, crackers, granola bars, etc.  This snack should be a healthy one!  Please do not send in candy or pop.  If you are going to send in yogurt or applesauce, please send a spoon to go with it!

Thank you!!

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