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Mrs. Wasilewski

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Classroom Expectations

Discipline Procedure:
In room 7, each student has a clip on the clip chart. This allows the teacher to keep an accurate assessment of current classroom behavior. The cards work as follows:

Green square: Everything is fine.
Yellow square: The student is warned that his/her behavior is disruptive or inappropriate.
Red square: The student is given a "time-out" with a private conversation with the teacher.
Continued behavior problems:   Parent(s) is contacted regarding student's behavior.  Student is referred to the office for a possible detention(s) or other consequence and parent(s) is contacted regarding student's behavior.

Homework Policy:
All students are required to complete Spelling, Literacy bag, Social Studies, Science, and Math homework assignments as they are assigned.

When students have CHRONIC missing/late/incomplete homework assignments, they will be referred to the office for a possible detention(s).

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