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Discipline Policy

Level 1 (in the classroom):
There are continuous disruptions throughout a school day where teachers and staff need to give guidance and lessons in character and courtesy rather than academics.  This is a part of every teacher's role and will continue to be addressed by the individual teacher.  These disruptions include:
    Talking out of turn               Interrupting
    Out of seat                           Not following directions
    Not listening                        Incomplete class work / homework
    Student-student disagreements    

    Mild disrespect / Argumentative
    Minor infractions of classroom rules

Level 2 (referral to the office / detention):
There may come a point when a student's disruptions increase in intensity and/or frequency.  At that time more support is required for the student; a team effort comprised of the teacher, principal, and student.  Incidents that require referral to the office include:
    Inappropriate language        Physical violence (fighting, pushing, etc.)
    Bullying                Stealing
    Destruction of Property        Blatant disrespect
    Excessive tardies, including "reverse tardies" or leaving school early and absences
(Absences and tardies in increments and combinations of 5)
    Chronic disruptions at Level 1, including incomplete class work / homework
(The teacher will notify the parent regarding incomplete work prior to a referral)

At Level 2, documentation will be kept regarding the reason for referral and actions taken.  A formatted document would be sent to the office shortly after the student is referred.  This form not only documents the reason for referral but would also track the student's disciplinary history, consequences assigned, and any plans developed to resolve the problem.  Parent acknowledgement will be required.

At Level 2 a student will receive a detention as a consequence.  The number of detentions will increase with the number of referrals: first referral-one day, second referral- two days, third referral-three days.  If the detention is not served, a suspension would be assigned.    A fourth referral to the office would result in a suspension from school, Level 4.

Level 3 (parental conference):
If a student continues to disrupt and break school rules, the parents must become involved in resolving the problem(s).  Upon a student's third referral to the office, a Parent Conference will be required.  This conference should take place within two days of the infraction and will be arranged by the referring teacher.  The purpose of the conference is to develop a stronger plan of action in an attempt to avoid a suspension from school.  If for some reason a parent refuses to meet, the student will be suspended (In-school) pending this conference.   The teacher / staff member, principal, parent, and student will meet to discuss the on-going disruptions and attempt to resolve these issues.  As in previous referrals, plans of resolutions will be documented on the referring form.  Note: this conference does not take the place of the Detention; consequences to behavior are part of life.  


Level 4 (school suspension):

As stated, if a student is referred to the office four times, a suspension would be assigned as a consequence to the behavior.  This suspension may be in-school or out-of-school, based upon the determination of the principal after consulting with the referring teacher / staff member.  The durations would be a minimum of two days, but would not exceed five days.  Students eligible for Special Education services may require a Manifestation of Behavior. Schoolwork would be assigned and due upon the student's return to school.  A conference would be required prior to the student's return to school with the parent, teacher, principal, and student attending.  

Level 5 (Superintendent's Review):
In the event a student is referred yet again to the office the student would be suspended indefinitely pending a review by the superintendent.  The principal, teacher, parent, and Superintendent of Schools or designee would review this child's history.   A determination would then be made as to the consequences assigned, develop a plan to resolve future issues, and address other student needs.

Due Process:

The due process of this Discipline Program would be as follows:
1. Verbal Warning - Level 1
2. Student Conference - Level 1
3. Notification of Parents - Level 2
4. Parent Conference - Level 3
5. Suspension - Level 4
6. Review by Superintendent - Level 5

Detentions may take place before during recess.  Note:  if a student is disruptive during detention, a principal-parent conference may be required prior to the student returning to class.

Tardy / Absences:
Tardy is defined as being more than five minutes late to class.
A "reverse tardy" is defined as leaving school more than five minutes early.
An absence, as it relates to this program, is defined as not in school for acceptable reason.  For example, a funeral or illness is certainly acceptable; oversleeping or staying up late the night before would not be acceptable.  Continuous or frequent illness may warrant a doctor's explanation.  Vacations may appear to be of concern.  However, keep in mind that a student is allowed five days before a detention is assigned.   Also, a single vacation may be exempted if it is pre-arranged with the school

Informing the Students & Community:
The principal and representative staff members have presented this program to the Board of Education prior to its implementation.  It has been incorporated into our Code of Conduct as an addendum.   
Parents will receive information regarding this program during parent-teacher conferences.  This includes an acknowledgement signature by parent and student.  Also, the Program will be further explained at Open House.  Families enrolling after the beginning of school receive this as part of enrollment information and forms. 

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