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Common Procedures

Book Orders

I will send home book orders each month.  The date that I need them returned to me with payment will be stamped on the order.  All orders need to be paid by check made payable to Scholastic, no cash.  Cash will be returned to you.  Please send book orders back to school in an envelope that has your child’s name and the words, "book order” on it.  You are not required to order books.

Classroom Management

Each student has a clip on the behavior chart. This allows the teacher to keep an accurate assessment of current classroom behavior. Frequent movement down on the behavior chart indicates a chronic behavior problem and parents will be contacted.

Grogan Folders

Each Friday, important papers will be coming home with your child in his/her Grogan folder.  All checked student work, homework sheets, notes from the office, recreational notes, and newsletters from me will come home in this folder.  Please be sure to empty the folder every weekend and return any necessary notes back in it.  The folder is due back every Monday.  All checked student work should be kept at home once it has been sent home in the Friday folder.


Please send a healthy snack with your child each day. The snack must be healthy and not require any utensils such as spoons or forks unless already provided, please.


We will have a lunch and recess period each day.  Parents are allowed to sign out their children in the office to take them out to lunch but need to be sure to return on time.  Students can buy lunch by bringing money or prepaying by sending money to me in an envelope with your child’s name on it and "lunch money.”  Students can also bring lunch.  Please fill out and return free/reduced lunch forms ASAP to secure lunch for your child, if appropriate.


The students will be allowed to check out one book from the library each week.  When we visit the library, the students will check out books and may work on unfinished independent work.  Students are required to bring back their library book on our library day.  If a book is not returned, a new book will not be available to check out, until the student returns the previous book.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students should arrive to school no later than 8:10 am.  Students are expected in class for instruction promptly by 8:20 am otherwise he/she will be marked tardy.  When they enter the school they should go directly to their classroom to unpack their backpacks. These items will include: homework, literacy bag, snack, water bottle, Grogan folder, library book, etc.

At dismissal, all students will wait near me until we see their ride and then they will be released.   Any change in dismissal or early pick-up that has been planned, that is out of the normal routine, must be sent to me in a note. Thank you!


All absences must be called in to the office.  This way the absence is "excused” and we will not have to call your home to find out why your child has not come to school.  The student will take the "absent work folder” home on the first day back.  All work missed due to absence has to be completed and will be in that folder.

Birthday Celebrations

Students who wish to celebrate their birthdays with their class at school may bring in treats for everyone on the day of their birthday.  They must be individually wrapped and identical to each other.


A parent/teacher conference schedule will be created for evening and afternoon conferences twice this year. I will try to accommodate everyone’s schedules as best as I can.  We will meet for ten minutes to discuss your child’s progress.

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom volunteers are welcome for making copies, reading with students, etc.  Included in this packet is a note that you can fill out to let me know what you do best and when you will be available.  NOTE: All volunteers must have current "Volunteer Clearance” with the Grogan School office in order to help at school.

Newsletter and Website

Please check the website for the most up-to-date information.  It would be a good idea to bookmark the site for quick reference.

Contact Me

The preferred method to contact me is by email at   You can also leave a message for me in the office with the secretary.   Please also visit my website at

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