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Staff Christmas Party!

          As some of you may know, staff held a Christmas Party for all the hard work they did! Here are some pictures from that day.
Some of the staff participated in a game of white elephant. If you don't know the rules, look them up!
Here's our XO looking supper happy with her puzzle set. 
Our BC unwrapped a comfy blanket! (That I later stole from one of the other cadets.)
The S3 looks very happy to have unwrapped a bean bag toss game.
Our Company Commander picked a gift named "The Game Of Meme". How millennial!
Oh no! He got his gift stolen and had to get a new one. A giftcard to Taco Bell. Yum!

Here the assistant to the S1 unwraps a... whatever it is. 
The next person to unwrap a present was me (S5). Since I'm the S5, I didn't take a picture of myself, but I did grab a present with pop, candy and more goodies. 
The S3 stole that comfy blanket from our BC! Doesn't he just look like a toddler who got candy? 
Since her present got stolen, she had to pick a new one. She picked what appears to be a hat and a scarf to be sports team. 
Here are three cadets with their presents! A cart of candies, a bear with candy, and a red box which has a coffee mug in it. (It was my gift that I brought). 
           The original gift I got was stolen by the XO, I was obviously upset. Then, the company commander stole the blanket from the S3. Naturally, I wanted to get the comfy blanket. While the S1 assistant stole my original gift, I stole the blanket and the game was finished. 
          Next, we played a game of spoons. Which was interesting. Here are those pictures. If you don't know how spoons is played, look up the instructions. 

XO teaches us how to play spoons. It was a very confusing, fast paced process.
The three girls on the right demonstrate how to play spoons. It took a few tries until we all understood it.

And the game begins. 

Everyone goes to grab a spoon. If you don't grab a spoon, you lost. 

It went on like this until we had to leave. It was a great time and hope we can do it again next year!

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