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Unit 1 Study Guide

Mythology Study Guide - Unit 1 Test

Know the following concepts:

-Purpose of mythology




-Proper burial

Know the various types of Creation Myths:

-Cosmic Egg

-Dying God

-Ex Nihilo

-Earth Diver



Summarize the Greek creation myth

-Ouranos and Gaia

-Cronos overthrows Ouranos

-Cronos swallows his children

-Zeus overthrows Cronos, war with Titans

Summarize the Greek flood myth (Deucalion and Pyrrha)

Summarize the story of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Pandora's Box

Know the characters:





-Orpheus and Eurydice

-All Olympian gods (Greek and Roman names)

Identify the various realms of the Underworld


-Elysian Fields

-Fields of Asphodel

-Isles of the Blessed

Identify the Rivers of the Underworld:






Explain the archetypes:

-Sky father

-Earth mother

-Dying god




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