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SRP Research Topics

U-M Research Topic Ideas

Illegal immigration

Artificial intelligence

Euthanasia & assisted suicide

Minimum wage

Death penalty

Unions, collective bargaining, tenure

Animal testing

Gun control

Medical marijuana

Illegal antiquities trade

Revisionist history

Celebrity political activisim

Transgender military

North Korea


Charter schools / vouchers

Paid college athletcs


Performance enhancing drugs

Standardized testing

Technology in schools

Necessity of college

Social security

Alternative energy

Climate change

Social networks, freedom of speech, & privacy


LGBT rights

Violence in entertainment

Player safety

Racial profiling

Dress code: freedom of expression

Affordable care act

Black lives matter

confederate memorials

Electoral college, superdelegates

Executive order

Hate speech


Sexual assault on campus

Factory farming

Genetic engineering

are unions still necessary or effective

Local food movement

Organic food

transparent pricing

military spending

free tuition

ANIMAL abuse – zoos

experimental treatments, research

side effects

copyrights and intellectual domain, youtube

dmt spirit molecule

identity theft

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